On Spec

Total in-house production for complete reliability & precise quality control

A prime reason that CIRLOGIC can guarantee complete customer satisfaction is that we do everything in-house, leaving nothing to chance. From photo plotting and gold plating to V-scoring and hardware fitting, every step of the production process is under the immediate control of our own highly skilled and experienced team.

And to ensure that every team member performs with maximum effectiveness, we've developed and implemented strict work procedures and process controls throughout our facility, meeting or exceeding ISO 9001 requirements (ISO Registration File No. A9523).

What's more, we employ a flat management structure that encourages hands-on participation from top to bottom, facilitating communication and optimizing visibility into every stage of the production process.

This concept of total team involvement and shared responsibility greatly strengthens process control and significantly enhances our ability to ensure that we fully meet every commitment to every customer.

We have customers ask us when we will start providing Flex PCB manufacturing. We currently do not know when we will add flex circuit capabilities, so in the meantime, we recommend talking with our friends over at Flex PCB, LLC.